Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back behind the Redwood Curtain

I spent the weekend in the Bay Area, attending a reunion of ex-Specialized employees. Man, it was so great to see so many faces from my memories. Specialized was not always a fun place to work (many have called it "Pressurized"), but I have many fond memories of the place and especially the people. I still see many of them at Interbike each year, but others have moved away from the industry. There were many I hadn't seen in 10 years or more!

I had hopes of seeing a couple of my old outside rep partners, especially Dave and John, but neither was able to make it.

I was supposed to see my doctor while I was down there, but the local imaging center did not send the last x-rays to him to review. Maybe I am not understanding, but to me, when a doctor orders x-rays, I would think that the doctor would want them to be sent right away. Somehow this escaped the logic of the office, and they had simply filed them away, waiting for a phone call, I guess, to send them on. Dumb, dumb, dumb...
Anyway, the last few days have been spectacular here in Humboldt. Clear, calm, and unseasonably warm - in the 60's! I took an hour out of the day yesterday to go for a ride and it felt GREAT! Usually in January, it's cold and usually overcast and raining. And the Aleutian geese are migrating in huge flocks right now. Many of them land in the marsh behind the roastery. What an incredible din as they honk at each other.

And a redtailed hawk was watching them carefully from on top of a temporary structure built by World Shelters. We may incorporate part of a shelter into our booth at Interbike this year. Stay tuned for more...

Finally, here is your sunset du jour. Enjoy.

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