Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another nice weekend

Since it rained on Saturday, it was a good day for doing chores around the house. After spending some time on the trainers, Charlie got busy making some homemade Apple Butter with the friut from our tree out back...

... while I went to the Roastery, to clean and service the roaster.

Believe me, it's a dirty job, but it sure beats having a fire in the roaster from the build up of oils. Note the black build up on the inside of the doors; that is evidence of a small fire from a few weeks ago. It's a bitch to clean, I'll tell you!

As the storm cleared late in the day, it made for a spectacular sunset that evening!

On my ride around Humboldt Bay this morning, there were quite a few egrets, but I could only get one to stand still for me.

I made a quick stop towards the end of the ride at Cafe Brio, on the Arcata Plaza, for a nice sticky bun and some excellent espresso from Blue Bottle Roasters of Oakland. Competitive Analysis is a tough job, but when it comes to coffee, I am glad to do it.

Back at home, I finally completed a project that has been going on since March - the Rossin is now ridable!


canoelover said...

The Rossin looks lovely. The bike karma is starting to come back to me...I just got a wheel set for my new project - the canoe/kayak-hauling trike.

Mark Ritz said...

Thanks, Darren. I was able to find decals in Australia and other parts here and there on eBay. Thanks again for the frame. I'll post more pictures later.

I'd love to hear about your new project!