Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bachelor's Weekend

Charlie's gone this weekend, visiting her son, so what do I do? Spend most of the weekend at the roastery, tearing down and cleaning the roaster. Man, I sure know how to party... I did get on my trainer both mornings. If you haven't tried the Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roll trainer, you are missing one of the most realistic riding trainers I have ever experienced.

I had a wonderful coffee from a friend's roastery today - a Kenyan coffee by Drake's Fine Coffee Roasting. John, the owner, also owns a bicycle shop (see a pattern here?), and he was a customer of mine when I was at Specialized. A little smokier than I like, but a nice smooth cupping coffee. I need to see what organic Kenyan is out there for a Limited Edition Roast...


The GreenSpeed Project said...

Mark - have you and Charlie heard about The Breck Epic MTB Stage Race?

A Kinetic Coffee fan,
Mike McCormack
The Greenspeed Project

Mark Ritz said...

Hi Mike,

No, I haven't. Please send info so we can check it out.